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"TUFE" is Not TOUGH to Understand!

Posted By Varun Agarwal on 27 October 2021
TUFE is Not TOUGH to Understand!


I believe you are thinking "Ok, it's not tough to understand, but what is TUFE by the way?" So, TUFE is something which confused many of us many times, and it stands for:

T - Tasks
U - User Story
F - Feature
E - Epic

For most of us it can be difficult to understand & differentiate among these. So here I have explained this in the simplest way. Let's see!

First, consider the below Release plan & hierarchy from any organization for a particular Calander Year:-


As per this plan:

  1. The organization has 4 Releases in a year.
  2. Each Release occurs after 3 Sprints.
  3. Each sprint has 30 calendar days.
  4. The organization has taken the decision to have 6 hours capacity per person per day. So, there are 6 hours a Day.

This was the top-to-bottom hierarchy of Releases.

Now, Secondly, consider another hierarchy and see how TUFE is placed: -


As per this hierarchy: -

  1. Epic is the highest-level requirement. It contains multiple Features.
  2. Each feature consists of a number of user stories.
  3. Each User Story consists of the number of tasks.
  4. Task is the lowest level requirement.

The interesting thing is that the Release Hierarchy and TUFE Hierarchy have a relationship. Let's consider the below diagram and then let's try to find out the relationship between them: -


What does this relationship mean?

It says: -

  1. Epic - The high-level requirement which shall be completed in multiple releases and cannot be completed in a single release. E.g.- Create an e-commerce website.
  2. Feature - The high-level requirement which shall be released in a single release but cannot be completed in a single sprint. There will be more than one sprint to implement this requirement. E.g.- Implement Payment Gateway in e-commerce website.
  3. User Story - The requirement which shall be completed in a particular sprint but can or cannot be completed in a single day. E.g.- Create Payment Gateway page as part of Payment Gateway implementation in E-Commerce website.
  4. Task - The lowest level requirement which is the subset of a user story. It shall be completed in a particular day but can take several hours to complete in that day (say 3 hours out of 6 hours). E.g.- Add Image for Credit/Debit card option at Payment Gateway Page etc.

Was TUFE tough to understand, really?

If you would like to find more about Agile methodology and how it can help your development process then please contact us via this link.

Varun Agarwal

Varun Agarwal

Varun is an Agile / Scrum expert, experienced in serving Agile teams in a distributed setup & co-locations. A PSM & ICP-ACC certified professional, provides functional subject matter expertise in cultivating Agile Culture among the teams & organizations. Since last 6 years, his primary focus is on Agile. Varun is active Blogger and he is also helping TV Media in creating awareness about Agile among the community.

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