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5 key benefits of offshore software development
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5 key benefits of offshore software development

Posted By Praveen Joshi on 16th February 2018
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Do you have a software development project coming up within your business? Choosing an offshore software development partner could save you time, money, and guarantee milestones are met. Discovering more about the modern, digital way of getting software projects off the ground and completed could support your next project, and we’ve identified five key benefits that you should be considering when making a decision.

What is offshore software development?

If you’re new to offshore software development, it’s a simple concept. 

It allows you to create bespoke software that perfectly matches the needs of your business by working with an external team of professionals.

We understand that some companies can feel a sense of apprehension about using offshore developers to support their software development goals but there’s a reason that it’s a service more companies around the world are turning to.

It’s an effective solution that more businesses are turning to when they have a software development project that needs to be completed to a professional standard.

Why choose offshore software development?

If offshore software development is something that you’re considering but you’re not too sure if it’s the right move for your business, we’ve got five reasons it’s the choice you should be picking to sway you.

1. Scale without commitment 

Scaling a business to reflect growing software needs requires a heavy investment in infrastructure, recruitment, office space, hardware, management, and other operational costs. If you only need the resources for a short period of time and you want to trial a new area, it’s can be a huge gamble and cost. Offshore software development provides you with a solution.

Whether you need to scale rapidly or work with an experienced team for a short but intense period, an offshore software development company can provide you with the skills you need while you need them. Working on a monthly contract basis, you have limited commitment but can still access the talent you require to ensure you software project is a success. What’s more, with a team of reliable offshore developers handling the technical development aspects, you can focus on other critical business areas.

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2. Access to leading technology and talent

The software industry is developing fast, and if you know that your project could benefit from technology or talent within a specific area, offshore software development can help. You might not be employing the software team directly, but you still retain full control of which platform, technology, or applications that you that are used throughout the development. That means you can expand the technology that you’re using without having to invest.

It’s a principle that’s reflected in the talent you can work with too. You’re given the flexibility to tap into top talent for the duration of the project without having to make a costly, long term commitment. Likewise, if you already have an internal software team, offshore software development lets you trial new technology or complete work on a one-off project without having to worry about retraining.

3. It's cost effective

According to research by the McKinsey Global Institute, the primary reason for offshore development is reduction in labour costs. It provides a highly adaptable, cost effective way of completing projects that suit the demands of your business.

Around 70% of offshore development is dominated in the US, with the remaining primarily shared between Europe and Japan. But with available teams across the globe, businesses can choose the right offshore development software team for them anywhere in the world to match their budget. As you’re hiring a team and paying for the work completed, using the services of an offshore software development company, firms can potentially save up to half of their development costs for every project they’re working on.

4. Connect with teams around the world

If you’ve struggled to find a candidate with the right skills in your areas or connect with an offshore team locally that matches your demands, the great news is that you’re not restricted by geography when it comes to offshore software development.

Not only does global access give you more freedom in the area of finance, it can help with meeting targets, deadlines, and getting the project completed quickly. Different time zones might seem like a challenge but it’s something that can be used to your advantage. Work with an experienced team and you can find work gets completed quickly, with one aspect being handed over in time for another professional to pick it up for the next phase. When you’re short on time, time zone differences can actually be a blessing.

5. Streamline the recruitment process

Hiring any professional for a business can be a time consuming and resource intense task. Offshore software development companies take that chose out of your hands. You’re given the freedom to choose your level of involvement from the beginning, all you need to do is choose a reputable, reliable company to work with.

If you simply want to hand your project over to an expert team, the offshore software development company has the network and knowledge to put together professionals that match your job description, expectations, and software choice. Alternatively, you can be part of the hiring process, working with your partnership offshore company to build the team that you want. Either way, you don’t have to get in to a bidding war with recruitment agencies for local developers.

So, there you have it – if appropriate development processes are applied, offshore software development can save you money, improve outcomes, and ensure deadlines are met, what’s not to like about that? An agile software methodology perfect for ensuring everything runs smoothly and communication is maintained between the two parties. 

If you’re ready to get started on your offshore software development project or have some further questions to ask our expert team, we’re ready to talk to you. You can get in touch with our offices in the UK, USA, or India or fill in our online contact form.

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