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6 IoT Trends and Challenges To Look Out for in 2020
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6 IoT Trends and Challenges To Look Out for in 2020

Posted By Praveen Joshi on 03 October 2019
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IoT has already made its way into our lives via ATMs, phones and home devices. The question is, how far with IoT go to make life easier and faster? Going by the current growth in the use of IoT devices in almost every aspect of our lifestyle, we can surely say that the best of it is yet to come! We are at the forefront of some seriously advanced technological gear shift and here are six IoT trends and challenges to look out for in 2020:


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IoT developments are happening at lightning speed, with new technology being introduced every day. The advancements are happening at an incredibly fast pace and while the industry leaders spearhead into it, we as the audience can only wait and watch as our worlds turn around!

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