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Offshore Product Development and What it Means for Your Business ROI

Posted By Praveen Joshi on 31st May 2017

Software product development may be a key component to your business, but the prices can also add up. The cost of recruiting a new team, software outsourcing and managing all the moving parts can severely impact on your return on investment, making this avenue prohibitively expensive for many.

This is exactly why many businesses are now turning to offshore product development when looking for an affordable solution.

So, how exactly can bringing in an offshore product development team improve your ROI in the software product development cycle?

At RSK Business Solutions, we offer a tried and tested ‘smart sourcing’ solution. Through our offices in India, we have access to a vast pool of technology and expertise. By tapping into this expertise -  including senior developers in technology such as ASP.NET, Java, Angluar, HTML5, iOS Mobile app development or Android Mobile app development – you have access to a team and resources without the expensive overheads, making a significant saving for your business.

Why use an offshore product development team?

As a software house building IT products for external clients or a large enterprise with internal IT team, the introduction of an Offshore Product Development team will allow you to have the flexibility to increase or cut down the team size based on project requirements, on top of technical expertise at a fraction of the cost. That being said, it’s not always easy to manage a team who are based abroad, and it’s still vital to your business that you choose the right team in the first place. This is where bringing in an agency like RSK Business Solutions can really help.

Alternatively, you might simple want to conduct a full review of your external team, or you may lack the expertise in a certain technology such as Angular or HTML5. In both these scenarios, bringing in external help can really move your business forward.

Are there any risks with project delivery?

Bringing in an offshore software development house may feel risky, but if managed correctly then an offshore product development team can work in collaboration with your local team meaning efficient delivery for your business. Increasingly companies are turning to this option, but it can be easier to bring in an external agency to manage the process. At RSK Business Solutions, we offer local project management and business analysis integrated with offshore software development. What’s more, both Waterfall Project Delivery and Agile Methodology works well for offshore software development projects.

In fact now a-days, many companies are now offering flexible working hours and work at home options. Coupled with technology that allows us to work collaboratively, most teams in the UK are scattered across geographic regions. This means that likewise software outsourcing and working with an offshore product development team comes with minimal risk.

Working with a team managed by RSK Business Solutions will minimise any risk even further. Through coupling a fine-tuned communication process along with effective project management, significant cost improvements can be achieved.

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