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ADAS is the UK's largest independent agricultural and environmental consultancy. ADAS is always committed to an active role in the local communities within which it operates, contributing towards local sustainability. They approached us to develop a web portal for one of their projects, INNO-VEG.

INNO-VEG is developing innovative methods for carrying out research into field vegetable and potato crops. The four-year project began in August 2018. In 2019 a programme of 48 field experiments was set up in the UK, France, Belgium and the Netherlands to develop an overarching protocol for integrating crop sensing data into field research methodologies.

INNO-VEG's primary objective is to increase the speed and uptake of innovation in the field vegetable and potato sectors by

  • Defining and implementing a new approach for delivering cost-effective research.
  • Establishing a cross border innovation network which will create the framework conditions for innovation to facilitate uptake of the new approach.

We developed a web-portal that was simple to use yet coherent. Keeping in mind, the intricacies involved in this project, we made sure that the website has an interface to enable effective communication for people around the world.

The Problem

When we had a conversation with them regarding their requirements, they mentioned a couple of points that needed to be taken care of:

Network Security

Network Security

They were very specific about the web-portal having a secure web network so that their crop data isn't infected by malicious web traffic, viruses and malware.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

They wanted a great user experience. Whoever visits the INNO-VEG website should have an improved site experience with unified design approach, look and feel.

Multilingual CMS

Multilingual CMS

They wanted INNO-VEG to have a multilingual content management system so that users speaking different languages could also engage with the portal in the most reliable way possible.

The Solution

We wanted to design a website that reflected their emphasis on technology and sustainability while driving site visitors to partner with them eventually.

Here's how we moved ahead:



We had our planning done from the outset. This required wireframing internal pages and planning out a detailed user login and register so that the user can post content in the Innovation hub.

Our next step was to make the site admin controlled and provide administrator access to upload content in the three languages (English, French and Dutch). After the wireframe were reviewed and revised, we were ready to jump to the build phase.



Once we architected, tested, and approved the framework, we started building out the new website. Once the design phase was completed, we dove into coding their custom site upon a scalable CMS that was intuitive to use. As an added bonus, we implemented harmonious balance of whitespace, & striking visual imagery to to give it an added polish and appeal.

Delivery & Beyond

After months of hard work and preparation, we were ready for launch. Thorough testing on multiple browsers and devices ensured the site was ready to be live.

ADAS elected to host their site through us, which provided a smooth transition across to the live environment. After creating a launch plan and ensuring all the pieces were in place, the domain was allocated and the site was made live to the world.

We are still efficiently hosting and maintaining their site!

left quote
right quote

The INNO-VEG website is a valuable hub for the project where we can post news articles, videos, notice of events and interact with the innovation network. As an international project it’s been really useful to have a single place to direct people to where the content can easily be switched between multiple languages to suit the user.

Dr. Lizzie Sagoo
Principal Soil Scientist, ADAS

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