Platform Train Interface (PTI)

An industry-wide risk assessment tool to tackle Platform Train Interface related incidents

Platform Train Interface (PTI) Platform Train Interface (PTI)

Project Scope

In 2014, it was reported that 48% of rail-related fatalities occur at the Platform Train Interface (PTI). Not-for-profit industry body RSSB approached us to build a tool enabling its broad membership of passenger rail companies to assess and manage the risks presented by PTI.

RSSB currently use a paper-based system, with which rail staff routinely survey platforms and stations to assess their risks and hazards and prepare an overall safety score. This manual approach has become outdated, laborious and ineffective. Errors are made and shortcuts are taken. The interactive PTI tool, developed by RSK Business Solutions, will replace this old approach with a digital system to eradicate inefficiency and data duplication, optimise productivity while decreasing the time taken, and above all, increase platform safety.

Platform Train

Methodologies Used

We believe risk management begins with rigorous assessment and that efficiency leads to safety. Following consultation with members of RSSB, we developed an online risk assessment platform for both mobile and desktop users to digitise the current assessment process.

Our iOS and Android apps enable the user to carry out crucial risk assessments at stations, and our ‘offline mode’ feature enables uninterrupted assessment in remote locations. Users simply need their device to undertake their assessment, no immediate internet connection is required. Our web app offers more complex functionality. Once, the user obtains an internet connection, any assessments, stored locally on their device, can be synced to the web portal. From here, assessments can be analysed by generating reports for individual stations and comparative reports for multiple stations and networks. The tool will provide a virtual map of station safety which RSSB can translate into actions and mitigations to curtail incidents and fatalities at the platform train interface.

Final Deliverable

The tool is currently being piloted among Train Operating Companies across the UK.

From 2016, our Platform Train Interface risk assessment tool will be used by all train operators in Great Britain. RSSB is launching the tool as part of its cross-industry PTI risk management strategy.

Case Study
Case Study

Sustainability Director | MACE
Andrew Kinsey

Sustainability Director | MACE

“The Sustainability and Environmental Risk Management System (SERMS) written by RSK Business Solutions Ltd was adopted and deployed by MACE and is now used on all UK construction projects. The system advises and guides our project managers through the complex legal compliance issues that come with large construction projects taken on by MACE. Recently, the system has been adapted for the global market and has been well received. RSK Business Solutions Ltd adopt a consultative approach which is backed by a fundamental understanding of construction and environmental domains which set them apart from other software suppliers.”

Company Director | Glenfield Software
Ken Francis

Company Director | Glenfield Software

“Glenfield Software have called upon RSK Business Solutions Ltd (RSK BSL) to provide technical offshore resources to increase the capability of our development team within busy periods or for larger projects. RSK BSL have proved to be a flexible and reliable supplier of offshore development. Specifically they successfully supported us develop a native iOS mobile application for one of our high end retail clients. We would be happy to use RSK BSL in the future”

Business Development Director | CADLine
Richard Robertson

Business Development Director | CADLine

“We have been working with the outsourcing team at RSK Business Solutions for over 5 years now. Their technical team continues to develop our .Net, GIS and Bing map development tasks. They have the right mix of technical and communication skills for the job. – I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone…a first class software outsourcing partner!”



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