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For any business, there is a need for a development team to build and manage digital solutions. RSK-BSL, a software outsourcing company, understands your business needs and provides you with premier solutions.

Hire Resources Hire Resources
Offshore development

Expand your outlook in software development by offshoring to RSK-BSL for transparent & cost-effective services.

As an IT outsourcing company, we offer a dedicated team for offshoring software development for technological and cost reasons. From simple coding to custom software solutions, application migration and mobile app development we at RSK-BSL provide you with complete offshoring assistance. It reduces your cost and your time to market and gives you access to global resources.

Offshore development Offshore development
Dedicated teams Dedicated teams
Dedicated teams

A dedicated team committed to your Business Solutions

RSK-BSL, an IT software outsourcing company, understands your business needs and lets you accelerate your business by providing you with a dedicated team. A dedicated team of software developers, analysts, designers, and quality assurance specialists helps in transparent, seamless and time-saving business solutions for the client. A dedicated time gives you more time to focus on your business by bringing you vital solutions. We share our company's best practices for your team and knowledge.

Offshore product development

We are a trustworthy, dependable offshore partner for your business.

Outsourcing is not new in the market, it has been practiced for quite some time to get more input and expert solutions. We at RSK-BSL provide niche outsourcing software development services and take complete responsibility for handling your business from start to finish. Competition, shorter delivery time and many reasons have made OPD a must requirement for the business. Our experts turn your idea into a product by providing end to end product development services.

Offshore development Offshore development
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Why Us

The Best Outsource Workforce

We turn ideas into powerful business outcomes quickly and efficiently. We provide you with access to global resources, increasing production costs and innovative product development. RSK-BSL focuses on an in-depth understanding of your business requirements and solutions.

Low Production Cost

Team Retention

Streamline Communication

Minimizes Risk

Why Us

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