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7 Advantage & Disadvantages of Bespoke Software Development

Businesses that have streamlined operations find it easier to achieve their objectives.

Praveen Joshi

December 30th, 2021

Challenges Faced by Agile Teams While Working From Home

The lockdown imposed almost all over the world in recent times has offered a profound realisation of how unpredictable our life is and how we need to be always prepared to deal with any trouble.

Praveen Joshi

December 17th, 2021

Future of Software Development Conferences

Whether you are a software development agency in the UK or any other location.

Praveen Joshi

November 26th, 2021

How to Build Team Culture in Remote Working Teams?

The global pandemic and the resulting lockdown have forced most of the companies across the world to ask their employees to work from home.

Praveen Joshi

November 19th, 2021

5 key Product Owner Responsibilities in Agile

One of the most important things that a product owner does is to give a detailed representation of the customer needs to the development team.

Praveen Joshi

July 23rd, 2021

Remote Working Culture in 2019

Remote working was formally considered the style of the freelancing community but now, hiring managers have stated that they are willing to come to terms with their full-time and permanent employees working away from their desks.

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Software outsourcing trends in 2018

IT services are expected to amount to around 1003 billion U.S. dollars worldwide in 2018. The recent introduction of GDPR in Europe is just one example of how global legislation can affect the outsourcing market.

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Evolution of Agile Software Development & Offshore Agency Partnerships

The IT outsourcing market has been growing by leaps & bounds over the last 5 years & the new era of the internet.

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Evolution of DevOps & its impact on Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Numerous organizations have included DevOps as a crucial role in their teams to accelerate business operations.

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Remote Working Culture in 2019

Remote working was formally considered the style of the freelancing community but now, hiring managers have stated that they are willing to come to terms with their full-time and permanent employees working away from their desks.

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Case Studies

Nature Positive SDG Tool

An innovative web application developed to help companies assess their current status/progress in delivering against each sustainable development goal. A benchmark for promoting a sustainable future for all.

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Case Studies

Platform Train Interface Risk Assessment Tool

An industry wide risk assessment tool to tackle Platform Train Interface related incidents

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Case Studies

SAI Spotlight Tool

Formed in 1995, Glenfield Software is an independently owned company based in the UK developing, implementing, and supporting software solutions for the retail sector. They have been in the game for more than 25 years, transforming customer experience, providing improved business efficiency, reduced costs, and improved profitability.

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The Growing Impact of Mobile Application and its Significance in Business

The question most businesses are asking today is how can mobility enrich their enterprise and manage internal operations better? There are many benefits that mobilization has to offer to enterprises, the most obvious one being, greater flexibility – between employees and their seniors.

Praveen Joshi

April 29th, 2016

How to Scale Software Teams Efficiently?

Being a product-based company, the major focus is onto the creation of the product

Praveen Joshi June 10th, 2022
What Are the Top 5 Technology Trends Of 2022?

The way technology is evolving so rapidly, it is facilitating progressive change in today’s world

Praveen Joshi June 3rd, 2022
The Journey is more beautiful than The Destination. So is The Agile Transformation Journey!

Congratulations! Management is ready to adopt Agile.

Praveen Joshi May 27th, 2022

Better Service Starts Here

Andrew Kinsey

Sustainability Director | MACE

“The Sustainability and Environmental Risk Management System (SERMS) written by RSK Business Solutions Ltd was adopted and deployed by MACE and is now used on all UK construction projects. The system advises and guides our project managers through the complex legal compliance issues that come with large construction projects taken on by MACE. Recently, the system has been adapted for the global market and has been well received. RSK Business Solutions Ltd adopt a consultative approach which is backed by a fundamental understanding of construction and environmental domains which set them apart from other software suppliers.”

Ken Francis

Company Director | Glenfield Software

“Glenfield Software have called upon RSK Business Solutions Ltd (RSK BSL) to provide technical offshore resources to increase the capability of our development team within busy periods or for larger projects. RSK BSL have proved to be a flexible and reliable supplier of offshore development. Specifically they successfully supported us develop a native iOS mobile application for one of our high end retail clients. We would be happy to use RSK BSL in the future”

Richard Robertson

Business Development Director | CADLine

“We have been working with the outsourcing team at RSK Business Solutions for over 5 years now. Their technical team continues to develop our .Net, GIS and Bing map development tasks. They have the right mix of technical and communication skills for the job. – I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone…a first class software outsourcing partner!”


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