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In this digitally literate consumer market, brand value is determined by the flexibility, transparency and availability of the brand app. As every brand has a unique customer base and requirement; it demands a Mobile App Development Company that converges with its needs. At RSK BSL with a proven track record of client satisfaction, the technically affluent team provides the necessary development services that provide the quintessential balance of client need convergence and excellence

Mobile App Development Services we offer

Mobile applications developed by our team of technical expertise are scalable and robust. With smart sourcing and offshore product development, the apps developed to ensure to scale up the profit and global exposure of the client brand.

  • iOS App Development

    iOS is pivotal for many businesses these days in order to make a brand more in the iOS domain. The RSK Business Solutions team are experts in mobile app development, including iOS apps. We, as an iOS App Development Company, ensures that you have a powerful place in the iOS App Store, designed to help you to meet your business’ aims and objectives

  • Android App Development

    In the smartphone world, Android owns 80% of the market share. AT RSK, we understand the importance of android app development and give you cutting-edge android apps that let you stay ahead of your competitors. We, as an Android App Development Company, have proven expertise when it comes to Android app development, which means they know all about the challenges - and how to work through them

  • Hybrid Apps Development

    If your business is looking out for a mobile app that works on multiple devices, we at RSK can help you with our hybrid mobile app development services. RSK Business Solutions has tons of expertise when it comes to app development - including bespoke, high-quality hybrid offerings. From writing responsive, quality code to making we make sure that you have it all.

Mobile App development for Startup

As a startup, making the right mark in the consumer market is highly essential. Be it a website or a mobile application, the digital platform developed should synchronize well with market needs while converging with the brand values. Hiring an in-house IT development team would prove hefty on a budget of any startup. However, with RSK BSL, an expert team of IT professionals strive to develop a minimum viable product at affordable rates. Thus by collaborating with RSK BSL, every client is assured of quality mobile app development services with:

  • Low rate
  • Zero infrastructural needs
  • 100% efficient technical team

To provide undivided attention, the RSK BSL also has a dedicated startup zone on the website.

Mobile App Development Startup

Flare-up your digital branding with our Mobile Applications

Integration with a mobile app development company can boost your digital presence and thus:

Enhance Customer sales and profit

Every business ultimately comes down to reciprocation. Easy to use and simple mobile apps open up a customer base, consequently scaling up the market reach

Scale up the Global exposure

Efficient android mobile development services increase brand value by ensuring customer awareness by bridging any impending communication gaps. It garners the customer's trust in the brand further.

Strengthen the brand value

In this age of digitisation, a smooth application developed by our mobile app development services will help the client brand reach across crowds of all age groups.

At RSK BSL, a team of technically affluent strives to deliver an app that is not only innovative but also provides the best Mobile App solutions in the digitally competitive market.

How do we build the application for your product?

At RSK BSL, the technical approach to a client brand includes the provision of an end to end coverage approach that synchronises well with the requirements. Through smart sourcing, every app development is approached with skilled expertise.

The cross-platform and platform-specific functional mobile apps developed are worked on technologies that include:

Microsoft .Net
Node Js
CISCO Jasper
CISCO Jasper

Why choose RSK BSL?

With the adoption of methodologies that develop the most flexible and seamless mobile apps, the mobile development services team at RSK BSL are highly technically competent. Paired with flexible contracts, the RSK BSL team addresses every client requirement with efficiency. Utilising Smart sourcing facilitates, the creation of a pool of highly skilled developers and designers with over five years of experience is also assured. Every app developed at RSK BSL are:

Productive Mobile App Development

Improved Productivity

With the help our mobile app development services, you will be able to facilitate smooth workforce collaboration through the integration of various functions. Our work methodologies are flexible and let us give you mobile apps responding to your business needs efficiently. By offering you a seamless multi-device experience we make sure that you stay ahead of your competitors and reach your business goals.

Secure Mobile App Development

Higher Security

At RSK, we understand how resourceful mobile apps can be your business. We make sure that we all the support you need for reaching your business goals. Our in-house team provides you mobile apps that are easy to integrate and does not allow any breach of security. Our apps are not generic in nature and help in improving your brands' visibility online and drive customer engagement.

Scalable Mobile App Development


If you plan to expand your business, the mobile apps developed by our expert pool of technicians let you do so in an efficient manner. The mobile apps developed by us are highly scalable in nature and serves the same purpose even if you wish to grow. You do not have to invest more resources in doing so and can shift your focus on different aspects of the business.

Comprised of a team of highly skilled professionals, the RSK BSL also stands tall in its record of technical excellence with client satisfaction. Thus, with a perfect blend of innovation with perfection, RSK BSL is pioneers to every digital branding venture of the client.


Glenfield Logo

"Glenfield Software have called upon RSK Business Solutions Ltd (RSK BSL) to provide technical offshore resources to increase the capability of our development team within busy periods or for larger projects. RSK BSL have proved to be a flexible and reliable supplier of offshore development. Specifically they successfully supported us develop a native iOS mobile application for one of our high end retail clients. We would be happy to use RSK BSL in the future"

Ken Francis | Company Director | Glenfield Software

Cadline Logo

"We have been working with the outsourcing team at RSK Business Solutions for over 2 years now. Their technical team continues to develop our .Net, Silverlight, GIS and Bing map development tasks. They have the right mix of technical and communication skills for the job. – I would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone…a first class software outsourcing partner!"

Richard Robertson | Business Development Director | CADLine

Idhammar Logo

"RSK BSL have become a valuable addition to our team and have proved themselves to be able to react quickly to requirements. They have provided resources with experience and competence in ASP.NET technology, iOS development and MS SQL"

Clare Darlison | Managing Director, Technical | Idhammar

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