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An Android development company where you are valued

With the increase in the number of interactive platforms and smartphones, the current customer pool accessible to the android OS is enormous. Right from setting the alarm to performing complex tasks, everything is present in the form of apps. Because of its omnipresence, every brand needs a smooth application with evolving features that address the diverse crowd. The mobile app development services should address the concerns of the company by assessing the brand portfolio and developing a mobile application converging with the company's needs.

By collaborating with our technically competent android app development company, you receive quality deliverables made with the best android app development tools cost-effectively. At RSK BSL, we recognise the importance of possessing a quality brand app.

Android Mobile Application Development services at RSK BSL

The growth curve of an android app versus users has witnessed a significant rise since its inception in 2008. Combined with the rising number of android mobile application developers in the market, it becomes even more essential to sieve out a team that best syncs with your business goals.

Android has dominated the OS market since its inception in 2008. It made its debut entry with version 1.0 and has grown to Nougat. The recent release of the OS, Android 11, was released in February 2020, where its beta version went live. The growth curve of an android app versus users has witnessed a significant rise since its inception in 2008. Combined with the rising number of android mobile application developers in the market, it becomes even more essential to sieve out a team that best syncs with your business goals.

Android Mobile Application Development Services

The RSK Business Solutions team is known for its expertise with regards to Android app development. We understand all the challenges thoroughly and the ways of working through them. The fast pace of the Android world is not a problem for our team: we’re always ahead of the curve and stay us up to date on the latest trends and developments and make sure that you are too.

At RSK, we’ve launched cutting-edge Android apps across multiple hardware and software for clients in a variety of industries, and we know how to get the best out of them. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch with bespoke Android app development, or wish to perk up an existing business app to make it more user-friendly, our app developers are on hand to help.

Apps such as PTI Tools for Android Tablet and Flightdeck Mobile CRM are just some examples of the Android projects executed successfully by our custom mobile app development team. We are a team of experienced professionals, both our teams in the UK and India are constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills to keep-up-to-date with the dynamic changes in the smartphone world.

At RSK BSL, you receive a technically competent team who can:

  • Assist in creating a scalable, robust and secure android app right from scratch
  • Tweak your existing business android app so that it synchronises well with your goals and customer demands
  • Provide the best android mobile app development services that are in sync with the latest updates and trends
  • Develop apps that ensure regular customer interaction that can scale up the potential standards of your brand.

Every client is valued at RSK BSL. To avoid any gaps between your business goals and deliverable, our android app development team utilises an end to end coverage.

Why Choose Android App Development?

When it comes to the smartphone world, Android and Apple dominate - with Android typically owning over 80% of the market share. With over 2 million apps in Google Play Store, a number that’s ever-growing, Android offers the biggest customer market for mobile apps - which is why it’s so appealing to businesses.

The open ecosystem and structure that works across platforms has meant that Android dominates in the battle of the operating systems - which makes it a great place for your business to be. Android is one of the most used mobile platforms in the world, which means that even if you have an iOS app for business, building an Android mobile app version is still essential if you want to get the best results.

Android is widely accepted as the most used operating system for tablets and smartphones, although that’s not all - an Android app gives you the opportunity to play with things like MP3 players and other gadgets too. Plus, Android apps work on varied platforms including: Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, meaning the scope is massive.

Key Benefits of Using Our Development Services for Android Apps

With android being a prominent OS, android application development services are sought by many business firms for developing their bespoke apps. Amidst its popularity appears several challenges. As it is continuously is subjected to updates, the android app development software used must coexist and adapt to the cycle of changes. Hence it calls for a proficient team capable of providing the quintessential balance of technical expertise with quality.

At RSK BSL, you receive android mobile application development services that focus on:

Android Innovative Approach


 – From conception to development, we focus on making the best bespoke app that gives your brand an edge against the competitors.

Best User Experience

App design and user experience

 – Cohering with your aspirations, we develop user-friendly apps which have a lucid and flexible UI, and are compatible with all android devices.

Agile Methogology

Agile approach

 -To ensure a smooth deliverable devoid of requirement gaps, we follow up with consistent communication with you in every sprint of our agile process.

Launch Icon

Promoting to the live environment

- Android apps developed at RSK BSL are released immediately to the play store as soon as we receive a go-ahead from you.

Technical Support Icon

Post-development assistance

-We provide maintenance support post-development to ensure the continued success of your brand.

Bespoke android app development services we offer

Every business has a unique goal and customer base, and we recognise that. With us, you receive customised apps tailor-fit for your needs. Every bespoke app developed at RSK BSL have:


By integrating with RSK BSL, the android apps are a reflection of your business requirements. These custom solutions not only assist in overcoming your business challenges but also significantly adapts with your business principles.

Customised updates and support

By choosing the bespoke software developers at RSK BSL, you receive the dual benefits of scalable apps and personalized post-development support. With a local UK presence at Tonbridge Kent, your difficulties get addressed better than an in-house development team.


Every bespoke app developed at RSK BSL is highly reliable. The android apps are highly integrable and do not create a breach of security. Thus we adhere to your principles with affirmative customer responses.

A peek into our android app development approach

The technically competent team at RSK BSL focuses on delivering quality products for your success. By adopting agile methodologies, our android application development services are defined by our flexibility, speed and quality. With a comprehensive discussion over requirement analysis sessions, we understand your business goals and prioritise the sprint tasks accordingly. Before building the android app for your brand, we know your:

  • Business objective
  • Business model and client base
  • Technical architecture required
  • Delivery deadlines

The apps developed by us are dynamic and adaptable to the ever-evolving domains of the android and smartphones. With smart android app development tools, we create a digital transformation with positive user experiences.

Pioneers for startups

For a budding entrepreneur or a startup making a mark at the consumer market is essential. Hiring an in-house IT development team might prove to be a meticulous and exhaustive task with challenges of budget and time. Converging with your business goals, we at RSK BSL have a dedicated startup zone for transforming your idealism to realism. With RSK BSL, you receive quality and cost-effective services for:

  • Low rates
  • Zero infrastructural needs
  • 100% efficient technical team

Connect with us today for digital realism

By colluding RSK BSL, you receive quality deliverables that sync with your business values. With smart outsourcing, coupled with flexible contracts and technical competence, RSK BSL transforms your app ideas to reality at cost-effective rates. All apps developed at RSK BSL are:

  • Highly scalable
  • Highly secure
  • Ensure improved productivity

Thus through smart services from the bespoke development agency of RSK BSL, your brand receives added benefits of:

  • Enhanced global exposure
  • Increased customer sales and profit
  • An edge over the competitors

Case Studies


What are the technologies and tools which you use in developing Android app?

We use the most popular tools and technologies in Android app development. Firstly we will work with you to understand if you are looking for a native or hybrid app. You will always be informed whether it is tools or technologies or framework.

Will I be assigned with dedicated android app developers?

No, most android app tend to be a specific project based on requirements. We can provide you a fixed price cost, based on your requirements.

Will you assist us to upload the Android App in Play store?

We are an Android app development company that believes in helping its clients till the end and even beyond that. So we will assist you in uploading the app in play store. Once the app is successfully placed on the app store, we can also provide developer level ongoing support for the android app.

Which language do you use for Android App development?

We use any one of the following languages – Java, HTML5, C, and C++. With our Android app development services, we provide our clients a great way to use the latest tools and technologies for their mobile app development projects.

How much does it cost to develop an Android App?

The cost of our Android application development services varies depending on the complexity of the app and its features and functionality.

How long will it take to develop Android App?

We will inform you about the time your app will take to build right at the start. We will deliver your app before that promised time. To know more about Android app development and the time it takes, get in touch with us.

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