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In this technologically advanced age, ensuring a digital omnipresence is vital for the sustenance of any business. Therefore you need a digital platform that not only reflects your values but is also compatible across all device platforms. With technical competence and transparent operations, RSK BSL offers cross-platform App and Software Development solutions for your business challenges.

What makes our cross-platform app or software development unique?

Cross Platform App Development

Being a participant of the growing business landscape, your primary business challenges while catering to the digitally literate consumer market include:

  • High device fragmentation occurring due to customers using various versions and types of OS
  • Less time to market because of the competition
  • Rising development cost, especially while trying to hire and maintain an in house team.
  • A weak framework of code
  • Non-reusability of the existing code because of its non-scalability

By partnering with RSK BSL, you receive a technically competent and flexible team to address your needs. Through smart sourcing and offshore product development, every member working on the cross-platform app design have a 5-year experience, at least, in the field.

With cross-platform app design services from RSK BSL, you get added benefits of:

  • Custom solutions with improved performance
  • An end to end coverage, including post-development support
  • Cost-effective and affordable cross-platform services
  • Secure solutions that don't breach your customer's device security features
  • Highly scalable solutions which synchronise with your business expansion
  • Latest and up-to-date tools for app development along with the benefits of the agile methodology of execution

Champions of start-ups

Cross Platform App Development

If you are a startup puzzled at employing an in-house team vs us, let's look at some of the advantages you receive by integrating with us.

  • Low upfront costs · Zero infrastructural needs as we employ smart sourcing and offshore product development
  • 100% efficient technical team with the technical expertise of over five years

We also have a dedicated startup zone to offer you our undivided focus on your success journey.

Through the customised cross-platform solutions from RSK BSL, your brand receives the forward momentum and customer response it requires. The digital platforms developed at RSK BSL also ensures that your startup receives:

  • Enhanced global exposure
  • Increased customer sales and profit
  • An edge over the competitors

Know more about the technologies we employ

At RSK BSL, perfection is the mantra and not a promise. From requirement analysis to development, we ensure there are no requirement gaps between deliverables and customer needs through consistent communication. Our trained developers are focussed and dedicated at all stages of the product development and deliver quality products well within the deadlines discussed. Every software is developed after consulting:

  • Client's business objective
  • Business model and customer base of the client
  • Technical architecture required
  • Delivery deadlines

The sprint plan stage prioritises the task which the client wishes to include in the ongoing iteration. Thus we are flexible with your needs and deliver customised solutions to your challenges.

We also have a stringent quality management team which continually monitors the efficiency of the digital deliverable formulated. The cross-platform and platform-specific functional digital platforms formulated at RSK BSL are worked on technologies that include:

Microsoft .Net
Node Js
CISCO Jasper
CISCO Jasper

Why choose RSK BSL?

In this growing digital economy, your digital existence determines your brand value. With the diversity in the OS that each platform employ, focussing on a single platform can eventually lead to fall-offs. Hence you need a cross-functional digital platform that works across multiple devices. With the adoption of agile methodologies that generate the most flexible and quickest deployment, the Cross-platform App & Software Development services team at RSK BSL are highly technically competent. The RSK BSL team addresses every client requirement with efficiency with flexible contracts.

With RSK BSL you receive:

Flexible arrangements, technical competence and cost-effective solutions:

paired with all benefits. We also offer bespoke software solutions that fit your needs efficiently.


Often, businesses are observed to deter from customised solutions because of the high upfront cost. However, with RSK BSL, every client receives quality products at affordable bespoke software development cost.

Complete coverage and habituation with demands:

We also offer end to end coverage on any app or software development services we offer. Based on the client's timelines and deadline, we can adapt ourselves to both waterfall and agile methodologies.

Local project management and support:

Based at Tonbridge Kent, we offer local project management and support for all your needs. Since we understand your requirements better than an in house team, your queries and problems are addressed better.


We, at RSK BSL, have a proven track record of satisfied customers. We have delivered digital services and projects for a wide range of clients such as BBC and Network Rail.

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