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About the Asbestos Risk Management Portal

RSK Business Solutions have developed the digital Asbestos Management System. Asbestos health and safety is vital to any workplace, and in order to ensure you comply with legislation, it is necessary to keep an in depth record of asbestos data.

Our Asbestos Management System is ideal for anyone who takes on duties and responsibilities relating to the legislation and management of asbestos, particularly when creating a management plan.

Asbestos Risk Management
  • Web Portal

    • The Asbestos Risk Portal captures and displays large amounts of data in a coherent and structured design.
    • Users can view and update sites, samples, certificates and documents to easily manage their projects.
    • Tailor-made user accounts can grant or restrict access rights for a secure and simple-to-use system.
  • iPad App

    • The web portal is complimented by an iPad application which adds portability to the tool.
    • The app can easily be carried on-site to survey and assess asbestos and update the portal in real-time.
    • Eliminate the need for flimsy, unresponsive paper-based records. 

Implement cost-effective asbestos risk management for regular asbestos assessment

Being a business owner, you must ensure your workplace is safe for your employees. No matter what industry you are in, many materials on your site may contain asbestos. Asbestos was used widely during the last decades and can be found in building materials, equipment and also in soil on industrial sites.

Our asbestos management software inspects your site and conducts a detailed assessment for identifying asbestos. One can trust our experienced team to find out if asbestos has been used in the building or if it is available in the soil.

We have mobile laboratories to conduct site audit and asbestos analysis which will quickly identify dangerous asbestos in your premises. Besides, you can also send us samples of suspected materials for analysis. Our experts use asbestos microscopy to detect the presence, type and quantity of asbestos.

Benefits of an asbestos management system

Our quick analysis offer minimises work disruption and reduces the risk of exposure if asbestos is found in your premises. According to the current rules and regulations, your business needs to:

  • Provide employees with a current register of asbestos materials
  • Identify content containing asbestos in your workplace
  • Label the identified material
  • Manage asbestos removal
  • Implement the best asbestos management plan
  • Regular asbestos assessment

We have helped many businesses and industries to identify asbestos with our effective asbestos management system, and we offer not only cost-cutting asbestos management but also a removal plan. We even issue a clearance certificate to ensure that your workplace or site is managed according along with the relevant health and safety standards.

To protect your business and personnel, contact our asbestos risk management team.

Key Benefits and Features

The RSK Asbestos Management System is perfect for property management companies, local authorities or any company that manages large amounts of data. It uses an online portal and a web app to allow the user to keep track of data across multiple platforms for ease of use. The portal structures the data so large amounts can be controlled coherently with minimal effort.

Monitoring and storing data including HSE asbestos risk assessments is key to constructing an adequate asbestos management plan. User accounts can be tailored to create varying levels of access by granting or restricting user privileges. This creates a simple yet secure system in which businesses can view and update sites, samples, certificates and documents to easily manage individual or multiple projects.

The iPad app allows users to have portable and easy to update access to the Asbestos Management System in order to conduct on-site surveys and asbestos assessments. It quickly eliminates the need to maintain easily lost paper records, with cloud storage for all files.

The Risk Portal System allows our clients to keep up-to-date with the progress of their asbestos surveys, re-inspections and removals to ensure that they remain compliant with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006.

  • The system follows the new Health and Safety Guidelines and has passed a UKAS accreditation audit,The tool is linked to a powerful database, so you can easily connect all your data and structure it in a logical and organised fashion, making it easy to locate and utilise.
  • When generating an asbestos risk assessment, rather than plugging your information into the computer repeatedly to generate an online risk assessment, your asbestos records are immediately available. The tool allows for comprehensive reports to be generated, so you can ensure that your asbestos records are always thorough and well maintained.

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