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With the business world realising the importance of sustainability more and more each year, creating efficient ways of maximising business performance during sustainable projects is essential.

At RSK Business Solution, we provide our clients with environmental risk management software solutions that maximise their business performance and minimise their business risks - and our Enviro-Suite product is no exception.

Enviro-Suite is a digital system which can help you to identify, organise and process the sustainability objectives and achievements, health and safety considerations and legal requirements of a project. It is ideal for construction companies, house builders and managers of construction related projects - no matter what the industry or size of the project undertaken.


Enviro Suite

Enviro-Suite is split into 4 modules:

A client is able to subscribe to any combination of the four modules, giving them a unique solution that truly meets their business needs.

  • Sustainability Toolkit

    Designed to support our clients’ individual sustainability objectives. Whether our UK based clients follow the CEEQUAL/RIBA process, or are aspiring to achieve a particular BREEAM rating on a construction project, the module will provide full visibility through each stage of the processes and outline the current state of the project against its milestones and key deliverables.

  • Environmental KPI Tracker

    This module allows clients to capture their environmental and sustainability data of a project– this may include energy, mileage, carbon and CO2, waste, and recycling. This information typically feeds into our UK based clients’ corporate data layer to help them achieve their overall sustainability or CSR targets and commitments. 

  • Risk Management

    The Environmental Risk Management module helps clients understand and mitigate the on-site environmental risks of their project. Projects or Site Managers are provided with a digital portal containing client specific information, this allows them to keep track of project work in Aspects and Impacts registers to structure projects and manage any environmental considerations effectively.

  • Legal Register

    It is imperative to any project that any legal requirements and restrictions are understood and complied with. The Legal Register Portal provides each client with a tailored Health and Safety and/or Environmental register that provides a comprehensive, yet coherent overview of the Legal Legislation relevant to your business. It enables clients to develop and implement successful controls and effectively write terms and conditions and communicate these to contractors.

Key Benefits of Enviro-Suite

  • Understand and mitigate the consequences of environmental risks management software at construction sites
  • Pre-defined environmental questions are available based on Sensitive Receptors, Risk Activities and Risk Materials.
  • In-built legal register to highlight latest legislation changes
  • The legal updates are provided in collaboration with the EHS team at the RSK Group.
  • Ability to review performance and risks across projects or entire organisation
  • Designed to support individual sustainability objectives and enhance sustainability reporting processes
  • The Sustainability module is linked with Environmental Risk, along with railway risk management

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