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As well as SORAT and Level Crossing Risk Assessments, RSK Business Solutions Ltd have carried out a large number of other risk assessments including Risk Assessment of Trap Points, Permissive Working, Warner Class Routes, Reduced Overlaps, Restricted Overlaps, SASSPAD Reviews, Dispatch Procedures, Overbraking, Underbraking and Derailment.

RSK Business Solutions have assessed the operational risk of new infrastructure projects on hundreds of projects of varying sizes. A few examples of recent projects have been given below. The Risk Management/Assessment processes are usually carried out as part of the GRIP 4 Single Option Design Stage of a new scheme development and are required when a project is altering any of the current infrastructure or method of working.



The majority of these risk assessments are fully qualitative and are undertaken as an expert judgement Workshop with the key stakeholders present.

The Risk Assessments are undertaken in accordance with the various industry Standards that are relevant to the risk being discussed. RSK Business Solutions will prepare the briefing pack in advance of the Workshop, facilitate the Workshop, record proceedings, provide the risk assessment expertise for the Workshop and ensure that the relevant mitigation measures that may be applied are discussed and reviewed.

The output of the Workshops is a report which is prepared by RSK Business Solutions for review and acceptance by the project and sponsor. The report will include any recommendations made or mitigation measures suggested at the Workshop.

Key Projects

  • Waterloo Approaches and Waterloo International Terminal

    Client: Wessex Capacity Alliance (WCA)
    Scope: Working with WCA to provide trap point, reduced overlap and permissive working Risk Assessment
  • Chiltern Lines ATP Removal

    Client: Network Rail
    Scope: Bespoke Overrun Risk Assessment process for the replacement of life-time expired ATP equipment with TPWS fitment
  • North West Electrification Phase 4

    Client: Mott Macdonald
    Scope: Operational risk assessments including SORAT, reduced overlap, restricted overlap, SASSPAD and permissive working.


AM Rail Group has worked closely with RSK’s risk assessment team on the Doncaster Connectivity project. RSK Business Solutions Ltd proved that they were able to deliver and adapt quickly to changes in scope that are inevitable at GRIP 3 and 4 design stage. RSK Business Solutions Ltd SORAT and Level Crossing risk team continue to support AM Rail Group on a number of level crossing renewals and re-signalling schemes and we look forward to continuing and strengthening this partnership in the future
Miles Hancock | AM Rail | Managing Director
Colas recently worked with RSK Business Solutions Rail team to provide SORA support on the Thameslink London Bridge Stage works. Colas, as part of the Wessex Capacity Alliance, also contracted RSK Business Solutions Ltd to provide Operational Risk Assessment expertise to the Wessex Capacity Improvement Project – Waterloo Approaches. Their staff have always been professional and courteous and have been reactive to the pressures of delivering such large and high profile projects. We look forward to continuing this partnership on future projects
CJ Lansom | Colas Rail | Operations Manager (Signalling) - Rail Systems

DEG Signal have contracted RSK Business Solutions Ltd on many occasions in order to provide Operational Risk Assessments for our GRIP 3 and 4 signalling design projects. RSK Business Solutions risk team have proved to be experts in their field and make themselves available to give advice whenever it is requested of them. When working with RSK Business Solutions Ltd we can rest assured that the operational risk elements of our projects are covered so that we can concentrate on our core design and project management functions and deliver our projects to the satisfaction of our clients. We would look forward to continuing our collaboration with RSK Business Solutions Ltd on future projects.

Russell Gell FIRSE  | DEG Signal | Engineering Director

Mott MacDonald has contracted RSK Business Solutions Ltd for over 10 years to support us with operational risk assessment on many of our signalling projects. Their team of risk assessors have proved to be competent, approachable and have always worked with us to achieve some challenging deadlines.

David Teasdel | Mott MacDonald | Railway Signalling Consultant Engineer

Babcock International (then First Engineering Ltd) first worked with RSK Business Solutions Ltd in 2004 on the West Coast Modernisation Project Line Speed Enhancements. Since then they have provided operational risk assessment support on many infrastructure and signalling projects of varying sizes. The RSK Business Solutions Ltd team have always been attentive to our requirements and professional in their manner. They continue to be flexible and committed to meet the deadlines of our projects and as the technical experts we know that RSK Business Solutions Ltd can be relied upon to provide the right advice at the right time. I look forward to working with the team on future projects.

Brad Thompson | Babcock International Group | Signalling Design Consultant

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