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Client-centric Software Application Development Company

Digitisation and globalisation have remodelled the business operational structure. Now hiring and maintaining an in house development team no longer remains the only alternative. Through smart sourcing, businesses are now open to a global pool of talent through nearshoring and offshoring. We, at RSK BSL, are a software application development company that addresses your business needs with expertise. With a technical pool of skill set and commitment, we handle your software needs with professionalism. Our software application development services include:

  • IT support
  • Bespoke Application development
  • Agile services

The world of software development moves quickly, which means that it’s vital to stay ahead of the curve if you want to succeed. Plus, with the demands of the modern consumer and customer rising year on year, your service offerings need to evolve with the times - which can be an expensive and time-consuming process.

Whether you don’t have software staff members in-house, or you’re running out of capacity within your existing team, utilising outside software development services is an efficient and effective way to make sure that your business has a vast and successful product offering.

RSK are on hand to ensure that your software outsourcing company goes off without a hitch; utilising high quality outsourced developers, designers and technological professionals to give your business a boost.

Power Your Software Project with our Adept Professionals

Availing Software Application development Services UK for your business

Narrowing it down to the right software development services company can prove demanding as it hugely shapes your business operations. The global outreach and retail customer market can flare up based on the clarity, transparency and security of your software and digital platform.

With the global mindset of consumers in 2020, it becomes pivotal that your technology partner is flexible and an expert with the trends.

At RSK BSL, we address our clients’ needs with care. Through careful outsourcing of designers and developers, your business receives the professional attention it needs. Through Agile methodologies, we ensure to address the nuances and trends of the business landscape with quick and professional solutions. Our technical model of approach provides end to end coverage, including post-development support.

Availing Software Application Development Services UK

Benefits of Building a Software for your Business

At RSK, our software and app development services are focused on three key areas, all of which can offer unrivaled benefits for your business.

Our Bespoke Software Development offerings allow you to bring highly skilled and specialised team members on board, to develop and deliver technical software dev products designed to your specification.

When it comes to software development processes, Agile Development methodology offers a number of benefits for those outsourcing their software projects. Allowing you to enjoy a flexible approach to the work being completed, Agile software development puts you in the driving seat - and offers clear awareness of project progression delivered by our in-house team of Agile Scrum masters.

If you’re looking for a combination of technological knowledge and management services, we can also offer comprehensive IT consultancy services provided by a highly-experienced management team. IT consultant services allow you to enjoy the expertise of a range of industry-professionals, without taking on the associated costs of recruiting and maintaining these people on your team permanently.

Why choose the RSK BSL software development services, the UK for your next project?

RSK BSL is a one-stop solution for all your software needs. Be it near shore or offshore software needs, and we put forward the right team with the right skill set for your needs. We undertake every project after understanding:

  • The business model of our client
  • Technical expertise required
  • Target deadlines

Our operational model also enforces consistent communication to ensure closed gaps between requirements and deliverables.

Collaborating with our software development services UK every business receives:

Innovative software development solutions:

From requirement gathering to development, we concentrate on the business niche while developing solutions that give an edge over competitors.

Design and front end-user experience

Cohering with our client expectations, we create solutions that are coherent with business values while ensuring a simple and lucid front end.

Agile approach

Changes in Global market landscapes are faster than before. To ensure our client does not lag behind their competitors, we provide our software application development services and are quick to respond. Our agile methodologies provide in-demand requirements to be pushed first into the sprint.

Live environment support

Once we receive a go-ahead from our clients, we proactively monitor the client’s production environment. We then help release digital platforms to production.

Post-development support

We ensure that bugs and environment lags do not hinder your business. Our consistent post-development support ensures to assist you even after development.

Start-up friendly

Since our software application development services require no maintenance and infrastructural costs, we reduce the burden on start-ups new to the market. Thus our collaboration goes hand in hand in thrusting new entrepreneurs successfully to the global market.

Start Building Your Software Project in a under a week

If you’re looking to explore the possibilities of high quality software development services then RSK can help. As a UK-based business with a wealth of expertise in sourcing and managing software projects, we’re on hand to help ensure that you find the software solutions you need to excel in your business endeavours. From bespoke software development to use of agile methodology, RSK are able to connect you to the skills and tools you’re looking for. If you want to find out more about utilising our high-quality software development services for your next project, get in touch with one of our friendly team members today.


What are the perks of outsourcing Software development services for my business?

There are several perks for outsourcing software development services for your businesses. You don’t have to worry about putting together an in-house team of developers and the cost associated with it. You have experts developers working on your project from start to finish.

Do you offer bespoke Software application development services as well?

Yes, we offer bespoke software application development services as well. We have a team that has worked on several software application development projects over the years. Also, we have the latest tools required for the job.

What are the types of software dev services do you offer?

The software dev services that we offer to our clients in the UK and abroad include bespoke software development, agile software development, custom software development, and IT consulting.

What are key points you consider when you design a software project?

We are a software design company that focuses both on quality and cost-efficiency. We prioritise your business values as well as the needs of your target audience when designing a software project. While designing a software project, we consider scalability and stability of the platform.

Why shall I go with Rskbsl for Software development services?

RSK BSL offers software development services in the UK that are in line with the nearshore and offshore software needs of businesses. We start working on a project after completely understanding your business model, technical expertise required, and deadlines.

Will I be assigned with a dedicated resource if I avail a software service?

This will depend on whether you prefer a fixed price model or looking for a dedicated team member on time & material billing model.

Do you follow a dedicated resource model or fixed or part time price model?

We are a software application development company that believes in flexibility when it comes to the price model. You can get in touch with us to discuss further.

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