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In this rapidly changing business landscape, it is essential to stay agile. Business agility ensures that your brand quickly adapts to the trends, and updates without straying away from the objectives. In the age of digitisation, possessing a flexible and responsive app or software has become a necessity. Hence you need the right agile software development services that adapt to the - changing market and provide the continued momentum for your success. By collaborating with the technically competent RSK BSL, you receive smart solutions with the right combination of technologies.

An agile software company committed to your success

In this shape-shifting business landscape, it is essential to adapt to immediate changes. Hence you need an agile software development company that ensures a faster ROI with zero risks. We at RSK BSL, understand that every business requirement changes from inception to production. Hence our technically affluent team of developers is focussed on operating efficiently in any demanding condition. Every agile software developer of our team is committed to pivoting effortlessly with the changes without compromising on quality and innovation.

Agile Software Company Committed

Bespoke agile software solutions

'One solution for all' never works in the business sphere. Business agility and uniqueness are driving factors that give the required momentum for success. The agile software consulting provided at RSK BSL is unique to every client. Since the requirements and customer base varies for each firm, we ensure that our agile software development approach blends effortlessly with your objectives. Extensive research and communication at each step of the development process ensure that there are no requirement gaps between your expectations and our deliverables.

By collaborating with our bespoke agile software development company consulting, you receive added benefits of:

Customised solutions to your needs

Staying unique is the new mantra to success. With RSK BSL, you receive customised agile software solutions tailor-made to your requirements.

Constant updates and support

We recognise your need for a technically competent team adaptable to new and changing trends. By collaborating with RSK BSL, you receive multiple benefits of an agile business consultancy with practitioners who utilise the right tools for your needs. We also provide post-development support even after promoting the digital platform to the live environment. Since RSK BSL is a consulting service in the UK, with a local presence at Tonbridge Kent, we can address your needs faster.


A strict quality control team monitors every digital platform developed by us. Hence every deliverable formulated at the RSK BSL, agile development company, are secure while strictly adhering to your business objectives.

SPRINT-Driven Agile Development

At RSK Business Solutions, agile software development means communicating and collaborating with our clients to develop bespoke agile software solutions that meet their specific requirements.

Agile software is a simple and productive way of developing software solutions - from mobile apps to websites. It is a great way to ensure success in an unpredictable business landscape. Agile software development first evolved from the methods set out in the 2001 Agile Manifesto by a group of software practitioners.

Agile software development creates business solutions via collaboration; Agile software encourages discussion between ourselves, the client and our dedicated development teams and regular iterations of key project deliverables. This enables the agile software and products that we create to be tailor-made to you.

A glance to our transformative approach

We RSK BSL, an agile consultancy services in the UK, are focussed on delivering quality products for your success. Through smart outsourcing, every requirement is addressed by our pool of skilled developers and designers with over five years of experience. Through consistent communication and discussion of your requirements, we re-evaluate and reconfirm as we move forward conceptualising your need.

Our Agile Development Approach

  • Burn Down Chart

    Burn Down Chart

  • Daily Scrum

    Daily Scrum

  • Emergence


  • Estimation


  • Sprint Planning

    Sprint Planning

  • Product Backlog

    Product Backlog

  • Sprint / Product Release

    Sprint / Product Release

  • Retrospective sessions

    Retrospective sessions

The RSK Group’s goal is to provide the best service to our customers. Agile development encourages constant changes (even at the later stages of product development), and promotes face-to-face conversations with clients as well as between business teams and developers. It also recommends frequent delivery of working agile software as the measure of progress. This approach ensures that the process of product development remains dynamic and cohesive.

We are a committed agile consultancy UK team, who are:

Dedicated to your success

Whatever be your business challenge, we focus on providing the best agile solutions with our determined and efficient team.

Consistent in communication

To ensure there are zero requirement gaps, our team provides face to face communication with you at every stage of the sprint.

Subject matter experts

Our technical team is proficient in agile methodologies and tools. Hence your requirements are addressed innovatively and efficiently.

Ensure Faster ROI

We are stringent with our deadlines. With fast and efficient delivery to the production environment, our team offers you the promise of speedier ROI.


We are committed to being adaptable to your demands. Hence we provide flexible contracts and cost-effective solutions to your business needs.

In-house development team vs RSK BSL

Hiring and maintaining an in-house development team can prove to be meticulous and exhaustive, especially for startups. With agile software development outsourcing, you receive the best development services that raise the potential standards of your brand.

If you are still puzzled, let's have a quick look into the benefits you tap into by collaborating with us:


From requirement gathering to development, we focus on developing your digital app or software with a forward momentum that can ensure positive customer responses.

Best front end experience

We build your software, ensuring that it not only converges with your business goals but also provides the best user experience.

Zero infrastructural costs

We utilise smart outsourcing and offshore development services, thus providing the best technical team to design your requirements at zero infrastructural prices.


We use our agile development knowledge to assist your needs. Hence we deliver your needs quickly and efficiently.

Cost-effective solutions

Our smart solutions can never be a burden on your budget. Every digital platform developed at RSK BSL synchronises well with market needs while going hand in hand with your brand values.


We have a proven record of customer satisfaction for various agile projects we have delivered. Our successful projects extend from agile software development in healthcare to agile consulting services in the UK's large organisations.

Localised presence

We are an agile consultancy in the UK, based in Tonbridge, Kent. Hence we can provide local project management and support at cost-effective budgets.

We also provide a dedicated startup zone to assist budding entrepreneurs and startups. We recognise the importance of creating an impression in the consumer market for a new business venture. Hence our quick and cost-effective agile development services are the smart solution you need.

Avail Reliable Agile Software Development Services for your Business with RSK-BSL

Key Benefits of Using Our Agile Software Development Service

The Agile Development approach ensures that you, as the client, are involved at every stage of the product development lifecycle. The progress made can be based on items prioritised by you during periodic reviews. The advantages of agile software development are compelling, especially in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business environment.

Requirements can be Changed:

We will provide various stages of working software in short, 2-3 week intervals (SPRINTS). The features delivered can be reviewed and requirements or priorities adapted as per those features that offer the highest value.

Improved Transparency:

Agile Development encourages ownership and coordination between stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page and provides an interconnected view of the key deliverables. It ensures that critical issues are caught early and the entire team is always up-to-date with the latest progress.

Improved Quality:

We believe that continuous testing is vital to the success of a project. With Agile Development, any issues can be highlighted immediately and resolved quickly to ensure the best quality final product.

Cost Control:

The focus on meeting project timelines, even with evolving requirements, means that the cost of development remains well under control.

Faster Time to Market:

Continuous interaction means that the end-product will be completely in-line with what you want. Also, our deliverance of working software at each phase of development will mean that the chances of defects at a later stage are minimal and, therefore, the risks of delay when deploying your product are significantly reduced.

RSK Business Solutions has in-house agile scrum masters to manage the agile software development process. Agile Scrum is an agile methodology that has gained increasing popularity in the software development community due to its simplicity and proven success rate. Given our experience in agile and scrum project development, you can rely on us and our agile design to deliver a high-quality product within a committed timeframe that is a perfect match for your business.

Case Studies

Some of our clients for whom we have recently developed agile software solutions include: National Grid, Network Rail, Lend Lease Consulting, Total and William Pears Group. With our many years of experience in developing bespoke agile software for a number of varied businesses, we are confident that we can help build a system that is unique and well synchronized with your business.


What is Agile Software Development and which methodology do you use?

Agile software development is all about collaboration, not only amongst the teams working together on the project but also between the teams and the client. Iteration is a big part that ensures continuous development and delivery of the product. We use sprint-driven agile methodology.

Which project management tools do you implement in agile development?

We use the most popular of the agile project management tools. But we are not limited to just a few tools. Our focus is on delivering quality software to our clients and we consider tools to be facilitators that can help us do that. Some of the tools include ActiveCollab and JIRA.

What agile development model do you use in agile development - waterfall or agile development?

We use the agile development model in all our projects. It is our preferred choice because it does away with the drawbacks that you associate with the linear sequential waterfall model by using continuous iteration of software development and testing. Our agile software consulting service helps clients understand the difference.

Do you offer Agile services to start-ups as well?

Yes, we do. We are an agile software company that offers agile software development services to every business, regardless of their size or industry. We have helped many start-ups in building software that has been important to their success.

How can availing Agile development services benefit a business?

With RSK BSL’s agile development consulting, you can expect to enjoy several benefits, including complete transparency, cost control, changes in requirements during the project, and faster time to market.

Do you offer Agile Methodology to the Healthcare sector as well?

Yes, we do. Our agile software development in healthcare ensures that the healthcare establishments we are working with are able to achieve great patient outcomes, without having to compromise on their bottom line.

What is the role of the scrum master in agile?

The most important role of a scrum master in an agile development company is to promote and support scrum values. The scrum master does this by helping everyone understand scrum values as well as scrum practices, rules, and theories. The scrum master also acts as the bridge between the product owner and the scrum team.

How much does it cost to develop Agile software?

The cost for building agile software depends on several factors that are specific to every business and their needs. If you are looking for an agile consultancy in the UK, get in touch with us to discuss your requirements and the cost of the project.

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