Software Testing and QA Services

Delivering Quality Software products that you can Launch with Assurance.

Software Testing and QA Services Software Testing and QA Services

Independent Software Testing Services

As an independent software testing company, RSK-BSL offers sophisticated and exhaustive Software Testing services, with a committed, competent and proficient testing team, dedicated to persistent refining of quality.
Our Desktop, Web, and Mobile App testing teams strive to improve cost-effectiveness and reduce rework time by identifying potential issues early in the project life cycle with an unbiased assessment of the quality of the applications, using a combination of manual and automated testing.

Automated Testing Services
By forming unique teams that are continually informed on the latest testing methodologies, we concentrate a special focus on automated software testing services. There is no need for manual involvement in this form of software testing.

Manual Testing Services
Our professionals imitate user behavior through manual testing, following consistent protocols, testing the precise scenario, and aiming to eliminate all unforeseen defects far before the actual system deployment. Our Independent QA/Testing service offers:

  • Performance
  • Functionality
  • Reliability

Software Testing & QA Services

Enhanced Quality
Enhanced Quality

As an independent QA firm, we strive to improve quality through a quick, intuitive, and agile methodology. Adopt test automation to reduce the number of people performing repetitive testing. We give sure-shot solutions and precise outcomes.


Our outcome-driven software development methodology is agile, and our teams are knowledgeable and adaptable to the most up-to-date technical methods and standards in order to address problems and offer the best solutions.


Identify the source of constraints and address them. Access to different channels for real-time project tracking, such as onsite meetups, video conferencing, and other tools, ensures transparency and visibility in everyday tasks.


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