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IT Consulting with RSK Business Solutions

At RSK Business Solutions, we will tailor our IT consultancy service to produce our clients with software and solutions that perfectly match your business requirements. As an IT outsourcing company, RSK Business Solutions has been providing top quality IT consultancy services to UK businesses since 1994.

We are part of the RSK Group, one of the UK's largest privately owned consultancies with offices throughout the UK, Europe and the Middle East. We operate out of offices in three locations in the UK, and one in India.

Our IT Consulting Approach

RSK Business Solutions has IT consultants who specialise in different areas of IT technology and IT consultancy..

  • Domain Knowledge
    Domain Knowledge
  • IT Consultancy
    IT Consultancy
  • Startup Advice
    Startup Advice
  • Technical infrastructure implementation
    Technical infrastructure implementation
  • Product launch
    Product launch
  • Product review
    Product review
  • Mobile strategy
    Mobile strategy
  • IT Planning and implementation
    IT Planning and implementation

Software Development: We are experts in developing bespoke web based solutions using the Microsoft.NET Framework and enterprise development solutions using J2EE (Java/ JSP). Use our dedicated bespoke software development resources for developing customised software solutions for your business. These are done using either the agile scrum or waterfall project methodologies. We also specialise in iOS app, Android and hybrid mobile app development.

Smart IT Sourcing Services: Working with you to achieve business objectives we provide both on-site project management services in the UK, as well as offshore software development support outside the UK. This is done through our highly skilled technical resources for complete operational flexibility. Use our dedicated full-time equivalent (FTE) developers, designers and testers - either to scale-up project requirements without adding substantial costs, or to simply access a wider talent pool to get the job done.

Risk Management:  We have been working with Network Rail in the UK for over 10 years now, helping them assess and mitigate operational risks across the rail infrastructure. Since 2001, we have been appointed as Network Rail's Signal Overrun Risk Assessment (SORA) technical authority. As part of our service, we are the sole training provider for the process and carry out competence verifications on all newly trained assessors throughout the industry.

Key Benefits: Why choosing us will be among the best business decisions you’ll ever make.

We deliver IT solutions that are not only cohesive with the existing IT ecosystem, but are also imaginative and dynamic to meet the demands of your growing business.

We will actualise your business objectives in a time-bound and cost effective manner. When you choose us, you will get access to our umbrella IT solutions which include: software development services, operational risk management, mobile app development, and training.

Having successfully partnered with diverse companies such as the BBC, Network Rail, National Trust and Shell, we bring years of established credibility and experience to the table. All RSK Group companies are certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 standards, making our dedication to quality, environmental, health and safety management among the best in the world.

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