Rapid Application Development Services

A process that’s agile, accelerated and flexible.

Rapid Application Development Services Rapid Application Development Services

What is the definition of rapid application development?

The User Design cycle of prototyping, testing, and refining is emphasized in the Rapid Application Development approach of software development. RAD is flexible and sensitive to user input, unlike the waterfall method, which is scheduled and rigid. The RAD paradigm of software development has been revitalized by the present business need to give consumers with compelling experiences across devices, from native mobile and web-based apps to conversational apps, despite being 30 years old RAD’s Key Features include:

  • Build Applications Faster
  • Flexible
  • Low Cost

The Four Stages of the RAD Life Cycle include:

  • Plan-Business and IT partners collaborate to swiftly sketch out a project.
  • User Informed Design is divided into three stages: prototyping, testing, and refining.
  • The present RAD build phase is being optimized using reduced platforms that facilitate business and IT cooperation.
  • Implementation-By reducing the number of parallel steps in the typical SDLC.
RAD Reduces Risk
RAD Reduces Risk

Short, agile cycles are required in RAD, and they must be repeated as often as the project requires. This iterative approach identifies problems and logic errors earlier in the SDLC before they might cause delivery delays.

What we use
What we use

Our Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology is based on a Lean Methodology that incorporates a DevOps culture, lowering the obstacles for delivering greater value to the customer in a short amount of time.

RAD Increases Quality
RAD Increases Quality

The Rapid Application Development method revolves around incorporating relevant feedback from corporate stakeholders and end-users. User input may help you fine-tune and focus on your big idea so that it matches your company's needs and delights your customers.

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