Remote Working Culture in 2019

Remote working was formally considered the style of the freelancing community

Remote Work Statistics

Navigating the New Normal

Remote working was formally considered the style of the freelancing community but now, hiring managers have stated that they are willing to come to terms with their full-time and permanent employees working away from their desks.

According to Buffer ( a major social media management platform), 90% of current remote workers plan on working remotely for the rest of their careers. Candidates even go to the extent of rejecting a job that would potentially inhibit them from enjoying the freedom of telecommuting.

This whitepaper focuses on

Why do more and more people prefer to work remotely? Is it a trend that is here to stay?


Benefits of remote working for employees


How much has remote work impacted the notion of business


Trends/ technology that will improve remote team culture

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Who is this Whitepaper for?

Various people can use this whitepaper such as:

  • CEOs & Founders who are exploring remote possibilities.
  • IT Managers, Software/Product Managers, IT Team Leads
  • Employee willing to work remotely.

Our Clients

This whitepaper will help you to

  • Improve the quality of work, product management and delivery.
  • Improve productivity among teams and save time.
  • Attract more millennials and top talent.
  • Cultivate and retain happier remote employees.

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