Evolution of DevOps & its impact on
Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Numerous organizations have included DevOps as a crucial role in their teams to accelerate business operations.
The Directors & Heads of IT departments in every industry now understands the significance of DevOps & how it's expanding horizons for SDLC.

This whitepaper focuses on

  • Evolution of DevOps
  • Growing significance of DevOps on companies
  • How DevOps has expanded horizons for Software Development Cycle (SDLC)
  • Trends of DevOps

How is this Whitepaper Useful?

IT Heads & VPs can use this whitepaper to-

  • Identify Opportunities involved with inlcuding DevOps.
  • Improve Quality Assurance in SDLC
  • Improve productivity among the team & direct them.

Who is this Whitepaper for?

Various people can use this Whitepaper. Such as-

  • CEOs & Founders
  • IT General managers
  • IT Heads & Vice Presidents
  • IT Managers, Software/Project Managers, Regional Heads
  • IT Team Leads

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